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Artist: Made Karsan
Hand carved in Indonesia

It is easy to spot the kingly quality of the Baron spirit in this decorative Barong mask from Indonesia. An impressive and colorful headdress serves as the backdrop to the prominent black of the Barong’s hand-painted face.

Wood carved masks like this one are used in Indonesia as part of cultural and religious observances. Barongs are a particularly popular part of Balinese culture, as they are believed to be good spirits watching over individuals throughout their lives. All of the Balinese masks for sale on our site come from artists in Indonesia for the highest authenticity possible.

Other categories of Indonesian masks for sale, such as Barong masks, include Naga masks and Garuda masks.

See this mask’s dimensions and specifications below.

Dimensions: 13.5H X16L X3.5″W
Box size 14X10X12
Weight 3.5 lb

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